The Unicorn Collection. For those who want it all.

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Do you want all of the printables on this website, but don't want to pay for all of them? The UNICORN COLLECTION is just what you're looking for.

1. This collection contains every single printable item in the Origami Twist shop. I'm not joking. Every. Single. One. 

2. This is a unique, outrageous and potentially fleeting special opportunity, just like seeing a unicorn, hence its name. I'm not sure how long this incredible deal will be available. It could be here just for today, could be a month, could be a year. It might leave and come back later, or it may not come back after it goes away. Now is the time to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to own it all!

3. To be even more unique, outrageous and exciting I have also included a large BONUS MYSTERY PRODUCT that includes every 1 page printable product from Origami Twist days gone by. These retired printables are absolutely gorgeous, represent every colour of the rainbow and then some and are not available for sale individually.

4. This collection is worth hundreds of dollars and contains hundreds of teabag folding tiles, as well as my printable BUTTERFLIES!

5. It pays to read the description! If you have ever made a purchase from Origami Twist Printable Papers in the past, I will send you a one time use coupon for the value of your entire previous purchases to be used on this product. All you have to do is e-mail me at with the name and e-mail address of your account so that I can look up how much to make your coupon for.*

*For Example - If you purchased $25 USD worth of products on in the past and e-mail me with the above details, I would create a unique $25 coupon for you to use to buy The Unicorn Collection...making your new total for every printable in the shop $75 USD!!!!!

If you have purchased over $100 USD worth of products in the past, I will give you a $100 USD coupon to buy The Unicorn Collection...which means your new total will be $0 USD!!!! Yep! That's right! You are entitled to upgrade to the whole shop for FREE (As an added thank you for being a loyal customer, anyone who has purchased over $100 USD and e-mails me for their Unicorn Collection coupon will also receive a $25 store credit which will be usable on anything in the store, including new products which will be coming to the store in June!!!!


As with all Origami Twist printables, there is a limit to the number of times you are able to download the files from the website. When you download them, please save them to a place on your computer where you will be able to access them again easily. 

Re: Copyright! I retain full copyright ownership for all of my files. The files in this collection come with a Personal Use license. That means that you are welcome to print them as many times as you would like to for your own personal use. They are not to be distributed (given away) or sold anywhere, in any form. You are, however, welcome to make things to sell using my printables as long as you are not modifying the digital image to sell or selling the papers or files themselves.

I would love to see what you make, please share photos of your creations with me, either via the e-mail listed above or on Facebook (

Happy Folding!

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